11. New Power with Henry Timms

“You couldn’t wish for two better people to write this explanation and exploration of new power than Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans. Heimans founded GetUp!, a non-partisan political engagement organisation in his native Australia. It has more members than all of the country’s political parties combined. Timms is executive director of 92nd Street Y, a cultural centre. He had the idea of #GivingTuesday to encourage philanthropic acts (inspired by the capitalistic Black Friday). Like all good memes, it has been adopted and adapted globally, and is a perfect example of how, as the two men note, “a movement is successful when it moves on its own”.”

So begins the effusive review in The Guardian for “New Power: How power works in our hyper-connected world and how to make it work for you.” The New York Times calls the book, “the best window I’ve seen into this new world.”

I had a chance to speak to Henry Timms about his book, and how new power works. It’s an essential read for anyone interested in Influencer Relations. Enjoy this week’s podcast.

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