13. In Singapore with mrbrown

Last week I had the good fortune to visit mrbrown in Singapore. Yes! mrbrown! (All lower case, no space.) 

Kin Mun Lee – aka mrbrown – is a hometown hero. People marched in the streets when his column was canceled. Government censorship was the culprit. Kin Mun was called out by the Prime Minister, too. That earned him attention (if his wildly popular column wasn’t enough!). But from there he won the nation’s hearts. He speaks openly. He blogs about everything. He’s on blogs, podcasts, and YouTube – as himself, and as popular characters he’s invented. 

It’s not just mrbrown in the face of Singapore. He’s shared about his daughter and her development – and needs. His family hears him invent imaginary characters on holidays in Rome – then build that persona over time to become famous in his own right. 

Underneath that gruff exterior is a whole soul who shares openly and lovingly. He’s a great guy to know. 

If you’re ever in town he resides with science fiction anime character developers on the very edge of Singapore’s business centre. 

I hope you enjoy learning about the sweet and peppery tastes of Singapore with my good friend, mrbrown. 

Kin Mun Lee (aka Mr Brown) in Singapore (Nov 2018)

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