14. Making Makers with Bay McLaughlin

Everyone in the technology industry in Shenzhen and Hong Kong knows Bay McLaughlin. He’s synonymous with Greater Bay Tech and specifically the maker’s market (the old school where people actually fabricate something technological, whether sensors, robots, devices, or more. 

There’s a burgeoning Maker’s Movement in the Greater Bay area (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macau, Guangzhou). The technology supply chain is well-developed and robust. If you need a circuit board model created in Berlin you might wait weeks. In Shenzhen you wait a day. 

Bay McLaughlin of Brinc IO

Bay McLaughlin and his company Brinc.IO sit neatly at the intersection of technology and influence. His team mates know makers and help them with guidance, cash, suppliers, advice, mentoring, and support. To attract potential partner companies, Bay travels and speaks and uses social media aggressively. 

Learn how one man builds business based on raising his profile. And learn more about the robust world of makers in the fastest growing technology corridor in the world. 

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