16. Faster than Normal with Peter Shankman

Have you ever met someone hard to describe? You try to pick a defining feature or hobby that starts the description, and there are so many elements you can’t start the talk? There are so many facets of Peter Shankman that I have trouble starting this post.

Let me finish with my conclusion – Peter is a really nice guy. Really! And I’m not just saying that because his mother told me (and his Dad bought me dinner). I say that because he does nice things. Like the story below in “USA Today“. Peter gave away hundreds of thousands of air miles so strangers could be with family over the holidays.

Man gives away his frequent flyer miles to send strangers home for the holidays

USA Today

To earn the air miles Peter Shankman is a frequent traveler. He’s an in-demand speaker and television guest. He’s an expert in customer service, on-line engagement, upcoming technology, travel, fitness, and more. He’s written four books and hosts different podcasts.

Recently Peter wrote the best-seller “Faster than Normal” – a book based on his life’s learnings and his very successful podcast series. This “how to” manual describes ways to manage life’s complexities using the tools and techniques Peter developed to manage his ADHD. Instead of viewing a different way of thinking as a disability, Peter sees only the benefits. And teaching millions how to live positively with ADHD has had a profound impact on others. See? He’s a nice guy.

I met Peter in New York when I wanted to engage an influencer who knew customer service. His mantra was to try and do 1% better than the next person (or company). That little bit extra will make you stand out and be recognised. It has.

Peter has 165,000 followers on Twitter (@PeterShankman). He’s an in-demand television guest the moment a consumer company comes under scrutiny for failed customer experiences.

Join me in learning all about Peter Shankman – a really great person!

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