19. Get Inspired with Ann O’Dea

Every May a diverse group of thinkers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, authors, social influencers and more converge on Dublin for an inspirational symposium. Taking a quick look you might think InspireFest is another technology conference. But if you look a little deeper you’ll learn it’s that – plus a whole lot more.

Founded by Irish entrepreneur Ann O’Dea, InspireFest is entering its fifth year in 2019. Ann is also editor and founder of Silicon Republic – a magazine so old it used to be printed! Today the publisher and conference organiser is known for her work promoting diversity, innovation, creativity, and community.

During an #InspireFest19 preview in Hong Kong recently, Ann featured a flute-playing robot during a conversation with Dr Richard Zeng. The discussion from robotics to music and technology’s impact on the arts was a natural Ann O’Dea moment. She’s long collected people and their tales in a blended rainbow of opportunity, conversation, inclusion and arts.

I got that definition from my experience. Then I looked her up and realised I wasn’t the only one with that understanding. I’d chastise my son for this, but allow me to block quote (horrors) Wikipedia:

She is a champion of diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and set up the Inspirefest conference to address inclusion at technology conferences.

– Source: Wikipedia

How important has InspireFest become? Simon Harris, Minister for Health – Ireland said, “the future was being invented by people like those at this event.”

And I believe this is all due to Ann O’Dea. Listen to this week’s episode as we discuss #Technology #Diversity #Inclusion and #InspireFest19.

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