20. Being Authentic with Charlene Li

In 2008 Charlene Li published “Groundswell,” a seminal work that detailed how companies should understand and leverage new internet technologies – well before many of today’s most familiar apps were invented. Since she’s expanded her library of published works and has carved a strong reputation as an advisor and forecaster of business trends.

In today’s podcast, Charlene Li discusses the importance of authenticity and transparency in leadership. The best laid business plans can go awry when leaders only discuss them annually at an off-site. The best managed companies make the mission, vision and values come alive daily in their actions and words.

But there’s a challenge. To succeed leaders need to be authentic. That’s a challenging skill set to learn. As she unpicks that attribute, Charlene discusses getting the balance right between confidence and humility. People need to see leaders as human. Pre-Internet business leaders wrote of learning from failure and communicating those lessons. We don’t need to have super powers to lead. We need to learn how to share, and how to communicate constantly.

Her latest book “The Disruption Mindset” is due out this May. Listen to one of the Top 100 creative minds in industry today discuss leadership in an interconnected, always-on company.

Charlene Li speaks about being authentic.

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