23. Future Proof with Diana Wu David

Diana Wu David tells a deeply personal and life-shattering story in her inaugural TEDx Talk. She discusses how the suicide of a dear friend forced her to re-evaluate life, work, and priorities. 

Building off her lessons and observations, Diana researched and wrote, “Future Proof: Reinventing Work in a Time of Acceleration.”  Packed with insights gained in over 100 interviews, Diana provides advice on managing your own career in a time of incredible change. 

“The Future of Work” is a rich subject that looks at the many ways jobs have changed. Diana’s book reads like an exercise manual to keep yourself and your career relevant. She looks at the skill sets and mindset necessary to succeed. 

Learn how Diana transformed a deeply personal shock into a changed career – and how she’s built her influence to become an author and in-demand keynote speaker. 

This week on Influencers Today we explore the future of work with Diana Wu David

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