24. Think Natalia with Dr Natalia Wiechowski

“You should write a book,” advised Dr Natalia Wiechowski (pronounced Vee-Hoff-Ski). We were in the Speaker’s Lounge at #DES19 and it was early in the morning. In the midst of our interview on personal branding, I made the epic mistake of asking about my image.

Natalia came in early before networking through the 35,000+ attendees. The day prior she’d been on a panel and given a speech.

Natalia is always busy.

She has 54,000 likes on Facebook and an active LinkedIn community. She’s known as a Personal Branding ‘Coachsultant’ and a global keynote speaker️. She’s a LinkedIn strategist, and describes herself as The Middle East’s leading ‘Edutainer.’

Listen to our talk about how she grew her audience and influence.

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