25. Measuring Influence with Daniel Sanchez

Keeping track of influencers and their contribution to your programs doesn’t have to be hard. Daniel Sanchez co-founded Influencity to help companies engage influencers on Instagram and more. 

Influencity.com helps brands to increase their visibility such as their sales through recommendations and opinions from influential people like bloggers, youtubers, instagramers, tweetstars and so on.

It lets you identify influencers in any part of the world, categorized them by data like followers, localization, industries, etc. and even influencer audience data, demographics, language, interests, etc. Try it at: Influencity.com

Daniel and his colleagues built Influencity to make influencer marketing campaigns easier and more effective using technologies like big-data computing and machine learning.

Influencity has more than 4 million influencers already identified and we are able to update more than 400 million users daily.

Listen to my talk with Daniel on Influencers Today. 

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