5. Romancing the Influencer with Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier is a best-selling author who sold two million books focused on technology. She’s affectionately called the “Queen of E-Bay” given her range of “For Dummies” books on running a business on E-Bay.  She’s also a long term trend-watcher of all things technology, having recently attended her 20th Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

In today’s podcast we discuss building your audience, remaining true to your brand, and how to select influencers that resonate with your brand.

You can read her blog here: https://mcollier.blogspot.com/

Interested in her weekly live radio program? Tech Radio is a long running consumer technology podcast, hosted by Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen. Tweet LIVE #techradio on Saturdays at noon Pacific time.

candtrMarc Cohen spent 30 years entertaining and informing Southern Californians about technology. He is one of the most respected and listened-to technology broadcasters in the country. 

Marsha Collier is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. She is a respected futurist and is a thought leader in Social Media. marshacollier.com

Contact: marcandmarsha@gmail.com

Twitter: @MarshaCollier and @realmarccohen

Facebook: ComputerAndTechnologyRadiocom

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