6. Bringing Influencers Into The Fung Group with Richard Kelly


Among the warehouses and office corridors of Kowloon is an out-of-place, bright red enameled entryway to “The Explorium”. It sits to the side of the main entrance to The Fung Group, a diversified manufacturer and supply chain company with roots extending 100 years back into Canton, China. Today the companies manufacture, retail and distribute 4.5 billion items annually.

Li & Fung Limited is the leading consumer goods design, development, sourcing and logistics company for major retailers and brands around the world. Li & Fung was founded in 1906 in Canton and is headquartered in Hong Kong.

“Explorium” is a living innovation laboratory for clients, partners, employees, influencers, retailers, product developers and more. It’s called a “playground for the future of retail.” If that sounds like fun, it’s supposed to.

There is something that a great business mind and a child’s mind share: They explore. They experiment. They try. They fail and they try again. That’s the way they learn and grow.

What makes Explorium succeed is the ongoing interaction between traditional business and newcomers. Old and new. Insiders and outsiders.

Our guest this week is Richard Kelly whose title is “Chief Catalyst” at The Fung Group. His mission is to facilitate innovation by breaking insurmountable problems into bite-size chunks that can be tinkered and developed in collaboration with multiple parties. He’s a keen fan of influencers and regularly includes them in Hack-A-Thons and solution sessions.

In many ways, he and his colleagues are creating disruption within the business so it’s better able to handle the many disruptions outside the business.

How do you engage influencers inside your business? What do you learn when you innovate and fail quickly? What are the difficulties in taking a historic brand and re-imagining?

Meet Richard Kelly and hear how he’s approached these and more issues in today’s episode.

Meet me at he Explorium!

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