7. The Future in Uncertain Times with Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin wants to talk about the future. It’s what he’s paid to do.

“My job is to think, speak, write and make the newly possible happen. My focus is the intersection of marketing, technology and business.”

But with Tom, the future is less than certain. There are a range of new technologies that will revolutionise our lives – for the good or bad.

“We’re on the edge of some technologies that could have an incredibly profound effect on our lives,” said Goodwin. “AI (artificial intelligence) could mean we create value in new ways, get better jobs and have more money in our lives and everyone is happier or the could mean the fundamental entire destruction of the entire industrial machine complex and a lot of people becoming alcoholic and addicted to pornography and  extremely unhappy.”

Seems dire? These “either or” views aren’t new to him. Tom is author of more than 400 articles, and has made a number of regular television, podcast, and conference appearances. He has over 600,000 “followers” and is one of the top-rated writers on LinkedIn.

At the same time, working at a marketing firm Tom Goodwin engages influencers. (Learn more about Zenith Media here.) He’s connected to thousands and “crowd sources” insights and ideas from the hundreds of engagements he has daily.

Learn more in this week’s episode of “Influencers Today.”

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